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Got a Mortgage with BankWest? take 2 min to read this

Discussion in 'Finance & Banking' started by StevenLam, 29th Jan, 2009.

  1. StevenLam

    StevenLam New Member

    28th Jan, 2009
    Perth, WA
    The best thing about my job is telling my clients "congratulations, your loan has been approved"

    On the flip side, the worst part of my job is seeing people loosing their homes because they did not take out any protection

    Ask yourself this question " if you had a machine that prints out money, would you have it insured?"

    well, you are the money making machine.

    How secure is your job? If you feel that theres a chance you will end up redundant, you should consider mortgage protection gold policy.

    I used to work for BankWest, and their gold policy covers unemployment in addition to life accident and sickness. I've bumped into a few BankWest customers that took out this protection at the time they took out ther loan. They cant Thank me more as it has been looking after their repayments while looking for another job.

    Income Protection does not cover unemployment <-- correct me if I'm wrong

    PLEASE READ THEIR PRODUCT DISCLOSURE STATEMENT CAREFULLY SO YOU KNOW WHAT IS COVERED AND WHATS NOT (eg. casual does not qualify). I left BankWest almost a year ago, so contents within their PDS may change

    for more information regarding mortgage protection or their premium, please contact Ryder (Senior Lending Consultant) on 0408094132 or email her at [email protected]
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