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Discussion in 'The Economy' started by Tropo, 17th Jun, 2011.

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    17th Aug, 2005

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    31st Mar, 2010
    It is crisis and very serious one but different people at different positions have different view.

    ''One of the good things about this economic crisis,'' said Lefteris Anastassakis, a manager with the Greek cement giant Titan who is learning Chinese, ''is that it has made China's entry easier and also easier for us to accept. Ten years ago, it would have seemed a science fiction that the Chinese would be the people who would help save Greece from economic collapse.''

    Greece is struggling to survive. China wants to use its huge reserve for the future investment chances. Euro is worrying the spreading. Australia market is preparing the dark age.

    What're the views of the people who is protesting around the parliament of Greece? They want to fight for their right but after the house has been burnt what could they expect to get? Reckoning would be in if you spend what you don't deserve.

    Some of the world's wealthiest financiers, bankers and real estate tycoons of Greek descent also want to explore business opportunities. ''There are a lot of people of Greek descent out there who would love to help this country,'' said Nikos Gitsis, a Greek American who co-founded South East Asia Airlines in the Philippines.

    ''If it could guarantee fair play and the eradication of corruption and bribery, we would be here helping it get out of this drama,'' he said.

    What's your view? Are you in the position to be reckoning? Are you in the position to find the chances in fair and profitable deals? What a businesslike market players should do know?

    Have you asked a lot of questions to give the chances to be organized, disciplined, self-reliant, analytical, or follow the medias in the seemingly hopeless ruins?

    Do you believe it is your personal characteristics and behavior make your future and you could be worse or better off than the market as a whole! Feel impossible to control it?

    Change a little bit your position and learn how to use the environment you could not control. Is it speculative intention or a wise decision?

    By the way, not all of us could get the chances in the same environment.

    If GFC and the Great Correction of Australia Stock Market just have taken away your shirts, you are best to stay in your caves to suck the bloods and cure the cuts as soon as you could!

    IT bust let me know I have to get my reserve for chances and time worse than I could image. Do you believe "Cash is the king?" Do you know this words with the contexts of the realities? Could you hit out at a perfect point and then all of the job would be done by the market crowd?

    Few could do so but we could try and will get better off. Do you want to be better off in the market? If yes, you have to be cheerful when the market is crying into its nightmare or you have to be fearful when the market is laughing into its dream!

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