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Have to use 2 accounts to buy/sell shares

Discussion in 'Accounting, Tax & Legal' started by bonkerrs, 26th Mar, 2009.

  1. bonkerrs

    bonkerrs Active Member

    26th Jul, 2007
    Sydney NSW
    This post is very similar to a recently started one, I probably could have posted there but I didn't want to take away or hijack or what the term is from that user's question... so here is my post.

    I have an offset investment account (OI) and an ETrade account (ET). The money I have in the OI is strictly only for buying/selling shares and the ET is empty. To execute trades I have to use the ET, ANZ has no options to change so I can use the OI.

    So, here is what I am thinking of doing…
    Transfer money in and out of the OI and ET for every trade, leaving only the profits in ET (optimistic outlook!) to build up over time. And when I want “spending” money I go into ET for it.

    1. Will the activities in OI still be 100% tax deductible because the money transferred in and out is always for investing?

    2. Is this the cleanest way of using the 2 accounts to make tax time less complicated?