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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by naz, 8th Jan, 2008.

  1. naz

    naz Member

    10th Sep, 2007
    Sydney, NSW
    I've been mostly lurking for months (apart from one post). It seems that every time I google something I want to know about investing, these forums come up in the top results - it's a fantastic resource.

    A little about me - I'm 25, working in IT. I recently changed jobs and am now earning about 85k (with hopefully some large bonuses). Partner is studying full time still and gets a tax free scholarship of around 18k. We live (rent) in Sydney and are quite frugal - we spend less than 20k a year (apart from long overseas holidays which we will be doing less of now that I have a 'real' job).

    Current investments are shares, managed funds and cash. I'm not really interested in direct property at all - every time I look at it I realise what a hassle it is to look after (both physically and in terms of keeping track of deductions/expenditures etc). Although I try to earn/save/invest money well, I'm not willing to do things that require me to be unhappy and frustrated so I'll probably continue to stick away from direct property even if it has some positives (I'm not that enthused by them either :) ).

    Also not interested in investing through super (I get 10% from work and have exercised my super choice after researching the options but that's about it). Before I started my current job I decided I was going to 'retire' (ie not have to work anymore) by the time I was 29 (I was planning on living very cheaply)! At the moment though I really like my work so I don't have such a urgent need to not work, but I'm still not planning on working until anywhere near the time when I can access my super.

    I'm very much a do it myself type of person - I don't trust 'experts' particularly when they have a vested interest (ie trying to sell me something - which seems all to common these days). Also I actually like reading finance related books (I don't mind those experts for the most part). When I was 19 I went to the library over summer and read about 20 investing related books. The first few books I read cover to cover and agreed with everything they said (even though most of the time they were contradicting what was in the previous book I read). Now I usually just skim books, and I often disagree with what people write - which may indicate that I've learnt a lot or maybe just indicates that I'm foolish.

    I don't know many people (anyone?) who like talking about investing as much as I do so I'm hoping to be able to share my opinions on various topics over the next little while, and hopefully my way of thinking will be challenged a lot :) I already think these forums are great and it’s nice to be able to discuss 'private' details with people without feeling like I'm breaching a taboo subject.

    Oh and I'm female (does that put me in the minority here just like it does at work?). Just thought I'd mention that because there seems to be the odd stereotype :)

    I'll leave specific investment details and ideas for other posts (e.g. the under 30s I was about to post on).

    Thanks to everyone who already make these forums great and take time out to contribute. Hopefully I will have time to as well.