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Help with Foundations of FP SN1001 SOA

Discussion in 'Financial Planning Study Group' started by valei30, 25th Aug, 2011.

  1. valei30

    valei30 New Member

    25th Aug, 2011
    Sydney NSW
    Hi there
    wish I'd seen this site a while ago, due to hand in assign shortly, the SOA has taken me ages, have found the questions much easier to answer. I believe we have to use same headings as in the Case study SOA just not sure if we are allowed to use same wording and input our own figures and scenario? Have found studying this way a little frustrating, so think buddy system is a good idea. FFP is only the 1st subject but seems to entail considerable work for an introductory subject, I suppose understandable due to all the legislative changes being introduced in the industry.
  2. Mof7

    Mof7 New Member

    28th Sep, 2011
    I agree!! its very intensive for a first just about to start the assignment- am assuming from the date you posted that you are probably finished by now? How did you go?:)