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Hey people!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ViTekBoT, 6th Nov, 2011.

  1. ViTekBoT

    ViTekBoT New Member

    6th Nov, 2011
    Who you are
    I am married with a dog and planning my family currently. I have worked in the Finance and customer service field in the last 12 years.
    I have done things backwards in my life (such as moving out together then getting married)and now decided to steer my career towards Finance, in particular Financial Planning... [quite odd huh?!]
    I have attempted an IT course and done a short course on PC building because I am a nerd at heart.
    I am currently studying the DFP through Kaplan Education (2 more subjects!) and hope to finish by early 2012.

    What you do
    So that's 4 years of customer service for the most well known telecomm company in Australia. 6 years of Administration/customer service for a Salary Packaging company.
    And the last year for one of the Australian "Red Banks" and it's well known Wealth subsidiary.
    So if anyone has some questions on Home phone line queries, Salary Packaging, Novated Leasing or just basic insight into the Admin of the said Wealth company, just ask.

    Where you live
    I live in sunny South East Melbourne... Nuff said :D

    What you currently invest in
    We are about to dive into our first property through a SMSF. Currrently, we need to work on having enough disposable income to invest outside of the fund. Oh, and we have about 1000 nib shares...

    What you would like to learn how to invest in
    Definitely love to delve into stocks, SMA's and general Managed Funds... Obviously we want to diversify AND my wife would really love that portfolio of 20 properties...

    :) Thank you for having me ~ vdub d>_<b

    PS Just stumbled onto this forum but I can say it is a fantastic start with reading the different threads. Hope everyone treat each other well, with respect.