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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Connector, 2nd Jun, 2013.

  1. Connector

    Connector New Member

    2nd Jun, 2013
    Gold Coast, QLD
    My name is Daniel, I'm 34 years old, I live in Miami on the sunny Gold Coast.
    I have a small business and I work part time in a call centre.

    I am organising a small presentation for interested investors / financial planners / accountants / general public.

    I'm sorry if this seems like a marketing post but it's really not!!
    It's actually a post coming from a genuine hard working dude, in his room on a sunday afternoon working on his business, and on his way to 40 starting to think seriously about investing not just in my personal development but more so the financial outcome I desire, and ways to get there faster.

    I came across these guys a few years ago, and they were getting impressive results then and now they are slowly revealing themselves to the world

    I'm not a financial advisor / sophisticated investor just someone willing to share a genuine way to get everyday people like me and you in a better financial position, so they can then start investing in what I believe is of true importance, themselves.
    I don't have all the answers when it comes to making money, but when I first saw this company's results, it blew me away, you can't argue with their consistent solid returns. But you are invited to try.

    Send me an email and I'll send you the details for the next presentation
    Wednesday 12 June, 7:00pm
    Bundall, Gold Coast

    No scam, no gimmicks, no MLM, no bs, results only and you will be impressed.


    Note: Thanks for listening, sorry to take up the forum but, it is about investing, and I am genuine and you can contact me for genuine enquiries or info,