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High Frequency Trading

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Keelan, 15th Nov, 2017.

  1. Keelan

    Keelan New Member

    15th Nov, 2017

    Market Making for Crypto Currencies
    About MM: Our Quant / Programmer said the models that have are based on Futures and Derivatives .. No models to crypto .. He needs to adapt .. This can take 1-2 weeks if wanting to trade this within crypto. If not we can start futures and derivatives trading asap! And you are looking at least a 20% ROI monthly on this. - Service fee and servers.

    I have 3 models of MM (VLC-MM, Raw MM and SpreadCross), currently converted only raw MM that is the easiest to put to work, but also the least win %%. VLC-MM is best model, but need adapt to crypto also, as it is setup for currency trading and can yeld a whooping 50% a month ROI. (Can prove in simulation testing against real market conditions)

    Deep Learning project:
    My quant has sent me over 100 models for Deep Learning, just need to convert to my platform .. He agreed to help but with 5% profit split. This project is the best of all but also the most expensive to get .. We need a GPU structure based on Telsa and a small server of Big Data .. One advantage is that we do not need a very high deposit to live .. 5-10k and enough to taste. I asked him to send me some tests, but he said that they are only trained models that are very rare to find and used 8-16 Tesla GPUs only to train. (Servers are around 5-10k a month with GPU's already installed but can potentially get 25-50% a month here.

    Strategies we have to choose from are as follow:
    1 - MM for Crypto based on Raw: make a good volume and not a profit of bits (1-2% per day)
    2 - VLC based Orderbook: make amaze profit and good volume
    3 - VLC Raw Raw MM: Amaze volume and less profit
    4 - VLC based Spread Cross: Good volume and good profit
    5 - Alex Retail: based on scalping to make proof
    6 - DeepL: Better strategy for the future or now! haha Make an amazing profit using little investment and lots of technology resource and develper hands.

    A lot of these strategies are very hard to get hands on.

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  2. Hosko

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    25th Sep, 2016
    Hey Keelan,
    Welcome aboard.
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