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Home loan interest manager pro

Discussion in 'Finance & Banking' started by rjsk23, 20th Oct, 2008.

  1. rjsk23

    rjsk23 Member

    17th Apr, 2007
    Has anyone used this software?
    This is what it states it can do.

    Home Loan Interest Manager - What Does It Do?
    Mortgage Full Of Errors?
    Interest Rates Starting To Hurt?
    Want To Cut Years Off Your Loan?
    Home Loan Interest Manager is the easy and affordable way to track, plan and manage all aspects of your mortgage, check the accuracy of your interest charges, and stay motivated to crush your debt.

    With this mortgage software you can:
    Find bank errors in seconds.
    Set up a plan to be debt free sooner.
    Discover how to cut years off your mortgage.
    Track your loan repayments.
    Prepare for the next interest rate change.
    Scenario plan and make informed decisions.
    Keep an accurate record of your loans.
    Calculate the true-cost of your mortgage.

    Priced at $97.00.

    Very interested in buying.