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How do you get in to the Financial Planning industry ???

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by Szymon, 20th Jul, 2010.

  1. Szymon

    Szymon New Member

    28th Dec, 2009
    Annandale, NSW
    Hi All,

    I have recently finished my DFS 1-4 through Kaplan Education and would like to transition into this new industry. Initially I would like to start as a paraplanner but everywhere I go and ask, they all want experience minimum 6-12 months.

    So how does someone who just finished their RG146 start in this industry?

    Is the a position that is lower than a paraplanner?

    All comments will be much appreciated.

    Szymon :confused:
  2. stav

    stav Member

    22nd Jul, 2010
    Hi Syzmon

    Are you wanting to work within a financial planning firm or a larger organisation eg. AMP, ING, Bt Group?

    Im guessing your best bet would be to apply for positions such as Client Services Officer, Administration Assistant or a junior entry level para planner.

    In the firm I work in I, I began as a Client Services Officer, a lot of admin work but progressed to ROA's & SOA's. I guess it depends on the company as to whether they throw advice docs at you at an early stage even if its not in your job description. Mine did & I had only finished ELC.
  3. TimmyO

    TimmyO New Member

    28th Aug, 2010
    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum, but am after you're advice as to how I would go about entering the industry (with a long term goal of becoming a financial adviser/planner).

    I've completed previous studies in Commerce/Law and have work experience in funds management and a number of years in construction management. Am currently enrolled in a RG146 course and am looking for you're career advise as I try and get myself a foot in the door towards a rewarding career providing financial advice. Any suggestions or thoughts on what roles/types of companies I should be applying to would be of great assistance.

    Regards Tim
  4. theluckyseven

    theluckyseven New Member

    3rd Sep, 2010
    Sydney, NSW

    Any experienced advisors to help on this topic? More specifically into the banking opportunities for entry level DFS/RG146 compliant people?

    Coming from outside the industry (lawyer overseas) I find that is quite difficult to understand the framework from the banking industry... if any one could help into this subject more in depth we would appreciate it and perhaps buy you a bottle of scotch :)