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I need help to do estate master software

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by qilizhou, 31st May, 2010.

  1. qilizhou

    qilizhou New Member

    30th May, 2010
    Sydney, NSW
    Hello everyone,

    I'm Steve, a student from UTS. I am currently doing an assignment regarding feasibility analysis, and I was recommended to use estate master software to complete my report.

    I have selected a site, which is in burwood, the site area of proposed development site is 854sqm. It is zoned mixed use 4b. The FSR is 2:1. In complying with setback controls and height limits controls (maximum 15 meters), the total floor space of subject project is 1168.75sqm, which consists of 13 units and 20 car parking spaces.

    However, I am stuck now with Estate Master software. For 'cost escalation', I assumed that the average cost for each sqm is $1600, but I just can not put the figure into the system. Instead, I could only type in a number of %. But I don't know what does this percentage refers to. Same thing happens on the revenue side. I could only type in a number of % rather than a unit price or total price. It is very coufusing, and I am just wondering if anyone here familiar with Estate Master and can help me out of the trouble??

    Many thanks in advance.