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Investigating CFD providers

Discussion in 'Shares' started by perky, 31st Mar, 2007.

  1. perky

    perky Well-Known Member

    15th Aug, 2005
    Hi Guys,
    After a recent (non) trade of a short position on PEM (which would have been successfull) , I have started looking away from my current provider towards others who have a wider range for short positions.
    My current provider is the biggest (wont name here) CFD provider in Oz - they only allow short positions on the 3% and 5% stocks (the Blue Chips, and some mid caps such as PDN, ZFX) , but dont do shorts on others that they rate as 10% longs, such as PEM , KZL , ASL etc.
    So I am wondering who others here use.

    1/What are their costs .
    Current provider charges $10 per trade under 10 k, then .1% per trade afterward.

    2/What are the costs for a GSLO. Current provider is .3% , and 5% min GSLO spread.

    3/What shorts are allowed - more than the top asx100!! And what are the % lends on these stocks.

    4/What info can be seen - eg current provider does not have indicators for volume or Elliot wave , does have RSI , MACD etc.

    At this point, can't think of many more things , but would appreciate some advice.