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Discussion in 'General Investing Discussion' started by Sticks, 15th Jul, 2010.

  1. Sticks

    Sticks New Member

    24th May, 2007

    I'm STICKS, and have been perusing InvestEd since 2007, when i first started i was completing my undergraduate degree and had begun some simple share investments.

    Following graduation i quickly lost the majority of my investments through a couple of companies formally known as MFS then Octavia, and CitiPacific. Due to my substantial loss i got frightened of the market and thought it best to consolidate all loans i had at the time and de-stress via a holiday.

    Since that time i've repositioned myself and now have $20k available, with a saving plan of $1k per fortnight, which doesn't impede on my ability to live. I'm currently renting in Canberra.

    My loss forced me to do further reading and so, i believe, i have an alright understanding of different areas of the market and so i'm ready to jump back in. A limitation i have at present is that i am in the first year of my Medicine degree and have very little spare time to continually monitor investments and this amount of time, if anything, will continue to decrease over the next few years.

    To overcome this time restriction i've been looking into automated or indirect options. Two ideas i've been considering have been joining a company called PlanetWealth subscribing to the Options Spread strategy utilising their Autotrader option, in conjunction with a managed fund that has a savings plan attached (possibly margin lending to boost my investment). However the first option isn't reporting the same returns that i'd previously researched and requires an annual subscription fee. As for the managed funds there seem to be few that appeal to me atm based on a Comsec Investment Fund search.

    My final conflict is whether to stick with shares or continue saving and try for property investment so as to take effect of negative gearing with my income. I'm originally from Tasmania with family still there so i have no problems investing across Australia.

    Any suggestions for investment, including recommended funds, which are not time intensive would be appreciated.