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Discussion in 'Business & Startup Investing' started by LoveEd, 14th Jul, 2009.

  1. LoveEd

    LoveEd New Member

    10th Jul, 2009
    Melbourne, Victoria
    Hi all,

    I run a business as a sole trader and wanting to minimise my husband's taxes. He is in many ways the investment partner and wondering if anyone knows whether he can be set up as investment partner and therefore gain greater tax deductions in purchasing goods/equipment for my business.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. GregR

    GregR Well-Known Member

    13th Jul, 2009
    Berwick Vic
    You need to provide a little more information.
    Is your business profitable?
    Is your husband a salary employee and pays PAYG or does he already run his own business?
    Does your business have any loans or overdraft at present?
    Is your business run from a shop or office or home based?
    Do you lease/rent the premises or own them?
    There are ways to assist but the end of the day it has to be for commercial reasons and being able to reduce tax is a bonus or outcome, not the purpose for an arrangement.