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Investors count losses on Detroit property

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by Tropo, 27th May, 2012.

  1. Tropo

    Tropo Well-Known Member

    17th Aug, 2005
  2. wdongli

    wdongli Well-Known Member

    31st Mar, 2010
    It is common to count losses now. It is not common to learn from the mistakes. Losses are not equal to the mistakes since there are black swans. Getting losses without clues what are your mistakes or not, is a mistake. Do you know what your mistake is?

    There are too many sensational headlines. There are so many casualties but no anyone could give the losers any material help. Why do you put yourselves into the loser's line? Who can you blame?

    In the dark tunnel, it is sure the poor would be poorer, if they are lucky to see the light at the end. Who dare to be hopeful and get the chances ahead? Want to be rich? You need to work find the light at the end.

    Do you have the gut to find the light? Do you have the resolution to get your mind ready not in next dark tunnel? No? You are wasting the crises and winter for next harvest. Logic is simple and beautiful but most of traders or investors are too complicated to know the losses but not the mistakes.

    You can cry to die in the valley of death. You get the light after desperation or depression. Traders are never disciplined, analytical, and let alone self-reliant. I am learning to laugh in the ruins with my armor around my safe corner.

    Yep, all of losers who don't know their mistakes would have the days no losses to count since they have nothing to lose. They should be happy since they still can count on the losses. I am happy for them.

    No personal provoking and thank you for the article linked, which is so powerful to let the English run more freely in my brain. However it is never a tasteful matter to share different views especially you are counting your losses or killings.

    Yep we can be old but we can be very men with the lovely English! We can digest and get what is good for our next harvest! We need to remember in the ruins that the next boom is inevitable and the next bust is inevitable too even we don't know when it will come in.

    We are naturally short-sighted or myopic into the future. We always enjoy or depress in what we live. We could not be survival without protection. We can not make future without next harvest.

    Traders have become numb and dumb to their losses generally. Traders have little hope they could get out of the valley of death in whole. They have not only lost the money but they also have lost in various mental disorders.

    Just read some about shocks and traumas. It is very scare. They are alive but much more painful than dying. Once the traumas take the tolls in the stock market few can be survival let alone revive. They tend to be confused or perplexed in their own darkness. It is horrific. It can result in a tendency that you could not sing even under the Sun. The only good thing is they can not complain anymore since they don't dare to touch hopes also. I want to sing in my corner when all in the water!

    Hopes are lovely but false hopes are bad as false hopelessness. Do hope we can see the false hopes when we want to service the depressed warriors in the valley of death. Hope you and me can count on the locked profit when next time all in the water again.

    One thing is needed to remember that learning is difficult and time taking matter if we could remember anything from the road of our normal education. It takes more than 20 years to make some professional and whose salaries are just about $100,000 in average.

    If you admit you are an ordinary and has passed your 50s, it is obvious that you have little chances to win out without serious re-education for wisdom and logic so that you can reform your mental framework. I still believe winners are lucky. I believe early-self-awareness for our own goal can make ordinary to be very successful. Unfortunately we tend to be distracted or intervened.

    It is a dilemma time for anyone who are at their 50s. They need the last rush for their retirement but they may have nothing to do so. It needs new view angle to see the life expectancy. If we have to live for next 30 or 40 years, where should we park ourselves: killing the time or let the coming years more significant than your teenage or adulthood.

    I never think so much to do anything before. I tend to sort out the puzzles quickly and pick one to go. Seriously saying it bothers me very much. Is it normal rather than another crazy gambling? Is any useful or helpful to get my English as my mother language in my late 50s or 60s?

    I don't want to color my selection. It is full of perplexing in the way to update your mind. You need the reward, you need to think the cost, you need to wonder something in philosophical zone for your selection, you need to see the good sign but you can not see until you pass by some threshold.

    You are in negation of yourselves but you know you are in a sensitive time. Wisdom vs Stupidity; Knee-jerk vs Patience; 80% odds to win vs 0% gratification immediately; you could not stop to ask if it is worthwhile.

    Good things come into your life never without struggle if you are not so lucky. Do you wonder why Buffett was so lucky and he just knew he needed to learn from a man who was great for what he wanted at the age of 18 and he could have the right to select? Until my 20, I just didn't know if the Univ would open again. I really want to complain the inequality to the God!

    Now all of people at their 50s are in a new era which were impossible to those at 50s but 50 years ago. We are so lucky even not lucky enough. Could we enlarge our lucks in the days before the graves? It really needs some guts not true love of the life. Do you have them?

    I want to hone my rust sword of wisdom, which I have left aside since I went into the laboratory in England for the skills. Never too old to learn. All say so but few really do. I want and I am honing my sword and if I send out my service team to the warriors in the ruins I have to be safe and profit. I don't want to waste my lucks. I could teach myself if I want.

    I need to grip on the vital chance steadily, preciously, and decisively and exclude the unaffordable or fatal risks out of my way ahead. Any alternatives? No I don't have. It is the imperative which motivate me to carefully think what I should do first.

    No language no human psych but just primary instinct of mammals in human's blood and cell. Language means too much. I could not improve my English Listening naturally. I have to use it in a creative way for:

    1. Know what happen now by listening globally. No news no sense where the market is.
    2. Learn the logic and common senses by listening the news and digesting what in some news. Not all news could make us wiser.
    3. Link the news with the logic to fix my biases for better personality in the stock market.
    4. Broaden my view scope and see the root causes for failure and success in the stock market and life. Risk needs to be managed and chances need to wait patiently.

    So any advance in my English listening will automatically result in better brain. I will try not to be a passive student but active wisdom user bit by bit. I want to be surprised 5 years later due to the great changes of my brain from the bit by bit struggles.

    Yep I am a small ball roller in a self-selected evolutionary road for my destination of the marathon in the stock market.
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