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JP Morgan ASX 20+

Discussion in 'Managed Funds & Index Funds' started by MrDarcy, 20th Nov, 2008.

  1. MrDarcy

    MrDarcy Well-Known Member

    13th Sep, 2005
    Anyhow have any opinions on this fund?

    JPMorgan ASX20+

    One of a few blue chip capital protected products appearing. I consider it has good and bad points, like new Navra and others.
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  2. Andrew Newman

    Andrew Newman Well-Known Member

    5th Nov, 2008
    Hi MrDarcy

    Before considering any investment, read the Product Disclosure Statement, particularly the sections on risks and fees. Next read the research available. For this investment, read the research reports produced by Standard & Poors and Aegis. If you are not willing to read these documents, then you should not be placing your money into the investment.

    After reading the documents, decide if you are comfortable with the risks versus returns, fees, investment term etc.

    Remember, if you don't understand any part of the investment, then you should not be placing your money into the investment.

    Note: I have seen many investors (not through my advice) who have to wait until the maturity date to get their capital back but in the mean time have to pay substantial interest costs each year.