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Julia, our Queen of new taxation

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tropo, 27th Feb, 2011.

  1. Tropo

    Tropo Well-Known Member

    17th Aug, 2005
    JULIA Gillard wants to turn every light switch and power point in the country into a tax collection point.

    Every time you turn on a light or boil some water, you'll be sending money to Canberra.
    And that's only the start of her carbon tax. It will feed into the price of everything. Forever. And going up every year.
    Not even fresh food or medical and hospital services will be exempted. That will make her new tax even more pervasive than John Howard's GST - which of course we'll still have.

    Then Gillard, or more particularly a frightening combination of faceless bureaucrats and, in Mark Latham's iconic words, a conga line of suckhole mainchancers and outright fraudsters will hand out/take billions of dollars of that money for crazy climate change schemes.

    The waste that we are headed for will make Gillard's school halls spending and the pink batts fiasco look like models of fiscal prudence in comparison. At least they, after all, were only once-offs.
    The anti-carbon spending waste will be every year, forever. Gillard, as seems increasingly her modus operandi, inserted a slippery and extremely significant change into the Government's general claims about helping people pay the carbon tax. The Rudd government promised that "every cent" it raised from its aborted Emissions Trading Scheme would be used "to assist either households or the business community with the impacts of this scheme".

    Putting aside the basic point that such a promise was as worthless as Gillard's not to have this carbon tax, she's changed that. It's still a promise (sic) to return "every cent" raised to assist families and business. But now some of the money is also going to be directed to "tackle climate change". That's decidedly my emphasis, not hers.

    Oh dear. At the very least that "promises" to pour billions into useless schemes from "alternative" energy to whatever somebody thinks is a good idea at the time or can sell to some incredulous pollie or bureaucrat. At the worst it means screwing households and business, by diverting the lion's share of what is raised by the carbon tax to be poured straight down the gurgler in hare-brained schemes.

    We know already small and medium businesses are going to be screwed.
    They'll have to pay the carbon tax like everyone else. But neither Rudd's scheme nor anything said by Gillard would give them anything back to help pay for their higher energy and other bills.

    Maybe she's now promising them some scraps. We are not talking petty cash. To have any effect, the Gillard tax will have to get pretty quickly to at least the equivalent of a 25 per cent boost to the GST.
    And that would only be the start. It would have to keep going up every year after that.
    The 2009 Budget papers blew the cover on that. They showed the ETS raising $13 billion in 2012-13. In that year the GST was forecast to raise $52 billion. There is nothing in the Gillard tax that would allow it to be less of an impost. Indeed, arguably it probably needs to raise more to be able to do its job.
    Oh yes, there is one thing that will force it to be lower, much lower than Rudd's ETS. It's called an election.

    Gillard and Wayne Swan are clearly going to start it "low" to try to steal the next election as they stole the last one by promising not to have it. See, it's not so bad after all!
    Will average Australians allow themselves to be lied to and conned twice? Vote for Gillard, if she's still there, and you really will get a BIG tax.
    It just won't be a new tax then. Unless of course you looked at that picture of Gillard and Greg Combet, the two Greens, Bob Brown and Christine Milne, and the two independents and felt reassured that the country was in calm, safe hands.
    Julia, our Queen of new taxation | Herald Sun