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Kaplan Investment Planning 1 3002

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by harries, 26th Jul, 2012.

  1. harries

    harries New Member

    26th Jul, 2012

    I blitzed through FFP and Risk assignments, but am struggling with how much information to put in my answers for the IP 3002 2010 assignment as there are no indicators for word limits etc... has anyone who has completed the assignment and successfully passed any advice?

    Thanks so much

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  2. kwakker

    kwakker Active Member

    1st Jun, 2011
    Sydney, NSW
    Hey harries,

    In response to your question all I can say is to put down as much as you need to to answer the question completely. With this assignment and with Superannuation and Retirement Planning, I believe Kaplan don't give word limits for a reason, as each response cannot be contained within a 400 word limit.

    I found with these two assignments that you were practically developing an SOA for the client (without all the fee disclosure and other legal requirements) which meant that the assignment tended to drag on for several pages. I think I had 39 pages for SRP, but could've gone on for more (Not trying to boast, but just give you an idea). Im sure many other people who passed wrote less, or some may have written more. But it's just up to you and how capable you are of explaining your answers. As you can see I ramble on.

    All the advice I can give in regards to your answers is to ensure you completely answer the question, and provide justification for your advice, even if every third paragraph you write that a disadvantage will be the opprtunity cost of not using the money to invest elsewhere. That is something I was picked up on and it was frustrating to have to re submit my assignment with virtually those exact same words in my paragraphs.

    Hope this helps.