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Kaplan Masters of Accounting

Discussion in 'General Investing Discussion' started by Janelle, 9th Aug, 2011.

  1. Janelle

    Janelle New Member

    9th Aug, 2011
    Perth, WA
    Hi all,
    I am planning to apply for the postgraduate Master of Professional Accounting and I'm seeking feedback about whether it makes a difference if I complete the course in a business school (I am looking at Kaplan Business School) or at a university (such as Swinburne). The universities and Kaplan are both accredited with CPA and CA. I am also interested to hear back from anyone who has studied this course at Kaplan. I am leaning towards Kaplan as it is a shorter, cheaper and a possibly more flexible option.
  2. Financeguru99

    Financeguru99 New Member

    20th Apr, 2012
    Online education

    I think you are fine with either program you decide on. In my opinion it's all about what feels best for you , in your budget and somewhere you see yourself being happy at. I think that online education is a great way to complete courses and I highly recommend taking them whether its at Kaplan or any other of the many institutions available. Also I am not sure if you have decided on a focus or if you are looking at solely a business degree but I would also look into the finance/accounting field if that is something you're interested in. They have numerous online programs and certificates you can complete and if you are interested I encourage you to look at Accounting Certificate Programs: Find Online Accounting Certificates which is a very helpful site that goes more in-depth with what you can do with an online degree.

    best of luck whichever route you take, but I would base your decision if it is something you are happy with, see yourself working hard at and also in your budget.

    best of luck!