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Kaplan RM Case Study 1 urgent resubmission help

Discussion in 'Financial Planning Study Group' started by 1975faz, 16th May, 2011.

  1. 1975faz

    1975faz New Member

    3rd Nov, 2010
    Hi everyone,

    I have some questions in regards to case study 1 as this has made me go bonkers as I don't currently work in the industry.

    All I have pretty much done is follow the example in the book with the Berry case study step by step process for CIMER with the limited amount of details provided.

    I got something like $2.7m for Simone which is rather high. Did anyone bother with retirement funds for lost savings (I used the current info for it and had $40k for it and didn't split in half as their is only 1 breadwinner) as I don't think that is really relevant if the hubby returns to work (maybe provide only 5 years worth of it). If worse comes to it I will increase my saleble assets upto $1m for the missing super and investment unit and drop it to $1.7m.

    Also, all I did for the hubby is only give him unpaid spouse allowance with funeral, education funds only. I cant see how he has lost future savings if he isn't earning anything yet?

    Thanks for your help, I have more than likely overlooked at it again over the weekend reckon will just tidy it up and get rid of it midweek.
  2. POCL

    POCL New Member

    8th Dec, 2009
    Melbourne, Victoria
    Re submit


    Just read your post. Please let me know if you still need assistance.
  3. pwongim

    pwongim New Member

    6th Oct, 2011
    RM - Case Study 1

    Can some one give me a guide of how to calculate the I in the CIMER ? As in the case of Simone, you will have surplus rather than short fall!
  4. Pragya_C

    Pragya_C Member

    2nd Nov, 2011
    Brisbane, QLD
    RM Case study1 resubmission help

    Hey I am doing CIMER for Simone and stuck same as u, it would be great help if you could share some knowledge with me. I need help lil urgent pls....thanks a lot mate.
  5. OPS

    OPS New Member

    12th Jan, 2011
    Mel, VIC
    Case study 1 - CIMER resubmission

    Hi all, just wondering if some one can advise me if RM0408 "sum insured" in case study calculation includes shares and if so, where to allocate? comments advised Simon's share are private company and highly volatile and very illiquid and best not to be viewed as realisable asset.

    Marker also advised the husband needs to be insured and to include sums insured. Can anyone please assist with my two issues?

    Thank you in advance!