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List of Australian Index Funds.

Discussion in 'Managed Funds & Index Funds' started by Johny_come_lately, 13th Dec, 2010.

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    1st Jul, 2009
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    Some funds are the same, but are licensed to different companies.

    Australian equities:

    Vanguard Wholesale - Austn Shares Index Fund Neutral VAN0002AU
    Skandia GIS - Barclays Austn Equity Index Fund Unknown ASK0087AU
    Vanguard - Index Australian Shares Fund Neutral VAN0010AU
    State Street Global - Austn Index Equities Trust Neutral SST0004AU
    Vanguard Wholesale - 100 Austn Shares Index Fund Neutral VAN0104AU
    EQT Tax Enhanced Index Fund Neutral ETL0102AU
    Skandia OIS - Barclays Austn Equity Index Fund Unknown ASK0235AU
    AMP Capital Investors-Australian Share Index Fund Neutral AMP0281AU
    Macquarie True Index - Australian Shares Fund Neutral MAQ0288AU
    Skandia GWS - Barclays Australian Equity Index Fd Unknown ASK0200AU
    AMP Capital Investors Enhanced Index Share Fund Neutral AMP0271AU
    ANZ Australian Share Index Fund Unknown ANZ0145AU
    Barclays Managed Inv - Australian Equity Index Neutral BGL0034AU
    Macquarie True Index - Australian Equities Fund Neutral MAQ0210AU
    AMP FLI - AMP Australian Share Enhanced Index Unspecified AMP0828AU
    AMP Capital Investors-Enhanced Index Share Fd-C A Neutral AMP0257AU
    ANZ Index Fund - Australian Equities Index Fund Unknown ANZ0148AU
    Col FS FirstChoice Inv - CFS Index Austn Share GARP FSF0233AU
    Barclays Australian Equity Index Fund Neutral BGL0005AU
    Lumley All Ordinaries Index Trust Unspecified na
    Capita Market Leaders Index Trust Unspecified na
    AMP Inv Sol - AMP Australian Share Index Fund Neutral AMP0393AU na
    ING - Industrial Shares Index Fund Neutral BBL0001AU na
    ING - Resource Shares Index Fund Neutral BBL0002AU na
    ING - Small Company Shares Index Fund Neutral BBL0003AU na
    ING - Socially Responsible Shares Index Fund Unknown BBL0101AU na
    Barclays PIF - Australian Equity Index Fund Neutral BGL0039AU na
    INVESCO Wholesale - Indexed Australian Share Fund Neutral CNA0003AU na
    Legal & General - Aust Equity Indexed Fund Unspecified LGL0014AU na
    Macquarie - Enhanced Index Trust Neutral MAQ0719AU na
    MLC MasterKey Unit Trust - Share Index Fund Unknown MLC0014AU na
    SBC Brinson - Australian Share Index Fund Unspecified SBC0804AU na
    Thornton Protected Aust Leaders Index Fd Unspecified THO0011AU na
    Westpac - Aust Major Companies Index Fnd Unspecified WFS0802AU na

    International equities:

    Skandia OIS - Barclays Hedged World Equity Index Unspecified ASK0245AU
    Vanguard - Index Hedged International Share Fund Unspecified VAN0107AU
    Skandia GIS - Barclays Hedged World Equity Index Unknown ASK0006AU
    Skandia GWS - Barclays Hedged World Equity Index Unknown ASK0047AU
    Vanguard Wholesale - Intl Shares Index (Hedged) Neutral VAN0105AU
    Perpetual WFI Vanguard Intl Share Index Neutral PER0195AU
    AMP Capital Investors-Intl Share Index Fund Neutral AMP0275AU
    Merrill Lynch - Ws Hedged Gl Eqty Enhanced Index D Neutral MAL0148AU
    ANZ Index Fund - International Equities Index Fund Neutral ANZ0146AU
    Col FS FirstChoice Inv - CFS Index Global Share GARP FSF0243AU
    Merrill Lynch - Ws Global Equity Enhanced Index D Neutral MAL0124AU
    EQT International Index Fund Neutral ETL0107AU
    Barclays International Equity Index Fund Neutral BGL0106AU
    State Street Global - Intl Equities Index Trust Neutral SST0013AU
    Barclays Hedged World Ex-Australia Equity Index Fd Neutral BGL0044AU
    SBC - International Share Index Trust Unspecified na
    Macquarie - World Index Fund Unspecified na
    Westpac PPSI - County Overseas Index Trust Neutral na
    Colonial IS - Vanguard International Shares Index Unknown na
    AMP Inv Sol - AMP International Share Index Fund Neutral AMP0406AU na
    ING - Dow Jones Global Titans Index Fund Neutral BBL0102AU na
    INVESCO Wholesale - Indexed Intl Share Fund Growth CNA0814AU na
    Deutsche - Enhanced Index Global Equity Fund Neutral MGL0131AU na
    UBS Brinson - International Share Index Fund Unspecified SBC0805AU na
    Thornton Protected US Index Fund Unspecified THO0012AU na
    Vanguard Wholesale - Intl Shares Index Fund Neutral VAN0003AU na
    Vanguard Wholesale - Emerging Mkts Shares Index Unknown VAN0005AU na
    Vanguard - Index International Shares Fund Neutral VAN0011AU na

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