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Looking for greener grass...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SubUmbra19, 14th Oct, 2019.

  1. SubUmbra19

    SubUmbra19 New Member

    9th May, 2019
    Is it a universal trait, the tendency to want to mess with things? Even though I am blessed to be able to live in Australia, (I wasn’t born here!), I wonder, is there a better option out there? Lower cost of living, more opportunities? I love my job, but is there a better one? Would a business give me better work life balance? I’ve done really well with my investments, but could I pick a better share, invest in a new IPO, and do even better?

    This sometimes feels like a mental disease. Why would I want to rip out my roots for an unknown lifestyle in another country? I have achieved happiness in my work, which is something fairly rare, why am I even considering an unknown job.
    My investments, while no where near like winning lotto, have still done very well. Is it greed? Self dissatisfaction? Don’t know how good I’ve got it? I already live in a great part of the world, a country a lot of people want to move to. Moving somewhere else would be disruptive with no guarantee of a better life. I’ve had enough jobs to know that a good fit is actually quite hard to find, why do I even think about changing? Altering my portfolio from its current winning formula does not guarantee higher returns, chances are returns may be lower. Why can’t I let a winning streak run?

    I ponder geographical arbitrage, keep an eye open for a new business idea or a more rewarding job, listen with half an ear to the talking heads on financial channels, even though I know their real intent is to promote churn...what if? What if there is a diamond in amongst the dross, and why do I think I’m smart enough to spot it? Is this really as good as it gets?

    "What if?” is like a mental itch that can’t be scratched.
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  2. twisted strategies

    twisted strategies Well-Known Member

    3rd Nov, 2013
    greed is natural in most humans ,but so it the instinct to protect what you have now ( assuming you have something worth keeping )

    balancing that greed with the ability to keep your current assets safe ( as safe as they can be , of course )

    it is a balance point you must find for yourself .

    all that churn propaganda , does hold that rare diamond , but more importantly an education on how to sort the gems from the glitter

    investigate that 'what if' sometimes it will find that success , but it might also warn you about future bad outcomes

    lotto for instance make nice profits by hiding that golden needle in a field of hay

    in my case i saw the profit stream , i saw the needle AND the size of the field .... and invested in TAH ( and get a tiny piece of that profit stream , so there was a nice boring gem there after all , but no name in the media as a 'BIG WINNER ' )

  3. RS Gumby

    RS Gumby Well-Known Member

    24th Jan, 2018
    As long as you're happy what else matters? You're never going to be the smartest, richest, healthiest, stop and smell the roses - life's great in this Country. I don't watch the news or read the papers anymore, I guess you could say I'm blissfully unaware! Just chill...
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