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Lu Bracher from Property management HQ Brisbane

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by lura, 4th Feb, 2012.

  1. lura

    lura Active Member

    18th Apr, 2008
    Hi everyone, if not for a little reminder the other, I haven't been here in ages!!

    Welcome to all the newbies. I'm in and out, as mentioned, haven't been in for ages. Been blogging, twittering and growing my property management business...yes, growing well - mostly through word of mouth and continuing to grow into 2012.

    My specialty: property management, property research in and around Brisbane, new house and land, building...

    Most of 2011 has spent focused on new house and land packages for interstate clients.

    Free service to all my clients - full construction reporting and monitoring, practical completion inspection attendance, addition to property management.

    Those who had dealt with me professionally know me a super thorough :) not to be taken lightly (probably sometimes, aka pain in butt??). I'm straight up and knowledgable in this field so I don't back down easily when I believe I am right.

    I'll probably come back in here a little bit more in 2012, there seems to be some common themes I keep advising my clients I think may be useful shared in here.

    Look out for them, if there is anything anyone would like to find out more about or know - feel free to message me or email me direct for more prompt replies: [email protected]

    I should be able to answer most questions about property management, construction processes, pci's, anything about rental or rental areas around Brisbane from Coomera in south, to Fernvale in the west and up to Bellmere in the north. If not I will do my best to get the most relevant information.

    Talk again soon!!! :)