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Trading MDV: failed business run by failed business men and managers!

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 17th Oct, 2011.

  1. wdongli

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    31st Mar, 2010
    The time changes everything. The GFCI set the tone for everyone to act as expert to check the cash inflow and cash reserve rather than the potential and capital gain. We need high yield or no yield if we could see the capital 100% safe. Who care about the capital gain if no tomorrow?

    We all have experiences to struggle when we see the remote smoking in US, UK, EU, Greece, China, and the IO, oil strains, and gold besides big or small holes in GFCI. Booming let us worry big holes around Australia and have nothing after all of resources gone. Bust let us worry no holes could be dig out anymore and Aussies have no future with the huge resources in the ground. However no one really care about anything else such as environmental-green products.

    I have known MDV for years. It let everyone around it feel hopeless. When you read about it, you feel it has all but it just doesn't have money cow to get the self-reliant. It keeps to promise this or that government-supporting hospitals would buy its products but it seems fail to setup a viable business model or focus on to sell what it has achieved for its future and shown its responsibilities for the loyal shareholders.

    IT bust has destroyed all of hopes for traders to buy the money burners! Greatness needs the independence now! How could you be independent? You have to get the cash inflow and reduce the reliance to the money from the market. You have to show you can get the right business model rather than just list all of your achievement to do R/D and produce something you really don't know where you could get your revenue.

    Yes, any new ideas need the time and efforts to actuate the economic value, which is important, but you could not burn the money and asset in the speed 90% per month. MDV is in crisis and its CEO and board should feel shamed and try all to stop any R/D for burning the money and assets. You could not care about what shareholders' interest but you fail your responsibility.

    When I read the article, MDV board and CEO proudly list in its website, I do feel shame since MDV so far is the example of a failed business with all of gross they cheer for. You have to get the gut to face the realities and admit your mistakes. I made a series of mistakes since April, which I have to admit otherwise I would put my head into the sands to cheer for my old 10 baggers, which were good but could not let me to find the ways to fix the problems I have got now!

    MDV could not survive or avoid into the heel with all of these gross if it could not get some revenues to be self-reliant. This market is closing the door for it to raise any money by issuing shares. The debt or debt to shares would send it into the hell sooner or later without revenues!

    MDV is not a exploration company and the wastes could be played to get some money in while it makes the tech revolution. Their board seems don't understand how to be balanced between survival and lift them into the heaven. They don't have the capability to make the sense, build the last defensive lines for business, and they are dumb for the risks ahead. They just could do is promising and promising and paint themselves colorful but losing the money!

    The bill would be paid by the shareholders anyway!

    It is joke with $3.8 million market cap and so many self-cheerful green products. It is a failed business model run by a group of failed business managers with potential to shoot up if the model could be modified for self-reliance. We all are humans and could misjudge the trend but survival is a matter a businessman has to think deeply enough. If you fail to be survival, you fail all even you could be very brilliant to make some great ideas into your products.

    MDV needs some revenues not any new ideas for great product. It needs to be survival for all around it. It is true for all of market players that you could not hold anything when your last drop of bloods just gone!
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