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Nearly There..

Discussion in 'General Investing Discussion' started by Redwing, 23rd May, 2007.

  1. Redwing

    Redwing Well-Known Member

    9th Jun, 2006
    We had the FP over the other day and our SMSF is nearly established at long last..CMT etc is set up we're now just rolling over the Funds to our SMSF

    I'd always thought of Super as something ticking by in the background which gave me no interest at all, the days of -6% returns still hurt especially when you had to pay good money for someone to manage that return (I'd prefer to go to the casino and blow-it, at least I'd have some fun).

    This was re-inforced by the great growth and returns we've got from Property over the years, Super paled in comparison (great leverage available with property, and we picked up on WA's boom).

    A SMSF which gives us some control over the fund (we've amalgamated my fund and my wife's) has changed my outlook and I'm looking forward to investing the funds once received

    My thoughts are now turning to where to invest these funds..

    I'm thinking

    • Some direct shares
    • I still like NAVRA, so will include them
    • CFS (maybe W/S Global Resources, Small Companies or Property Securities)
    • Ausbil
    • Platinum Funds

    I'm also thinking that a Commercial Property Trust should be included for a variety of reasons, including the internal gearing, I realise they are capital volatile but yield stable for the most

    I'd also like to include some instalment warrants, again to pick up some internal gearing (shares on lay-by).

    With the Super Co-Contribution we'll add to the SMSF and drop $1,000 each into Super and most likely pick up some reasonable funds from the Government to add to this, definetly $1,500 for the wife, so a 150% return and maybe a $8-900 top up for me from Mr Howard and Costello

    I'd welcome any thoughts from some of the more experienced investors regarding my thoughts above...........