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need to refinance new ZONING

Discussion in 'Finance & Banking' started by crdm, 29th Apr, 2009.

  1. crdm

    crdm Member

    30th Oct, 2007
    Palm Beach QLD
    Any advice... We have recently purchased an IP and have had it rezoned Tourist Facility. The IP was originally purchased as vacant land and we are now in the process of Constructing 2 cabins on the block for holiday letting. But we would like to revalue the property once we finish the construction to release the equity we are hoping to have made since the rezoning and the new dwellings being constructed.

    A broker we spoke to about refinancing mention it may be difficult based on the current market, as commercial lending is very difficult at the moment. But are there any other options that may be out there that someone else has experienced. Does it need to be financed as commercial? As mentioned the current loan is an IO with CBA, any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. cheers