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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DRD, 20th Feb, 2010.

  1. DRD

    DRD New Member

    20th Feb, 2010
    Townsville, Queensland
    Hello Everyone,

    I am relocating for work at EOFY and renting out PPOR. What a bararge of information. To negative gear or not to negative gear and what options are there, and really what choice do you have if the rent doesnt return higher than the cost?. I thought that would be a given every time. I will need the 4months I have before the shift to wade thru the material that is around. Any help or advice wha so ever will be much appreciated.

    Regards DRD (Denis).
  2. GregR

    GregR Well-Known Member

    13th Jul, 2009
    Berwick Vic
    I am a little surprised that you have not had any replies.
    There is a wealth of information in this forum that discusses your type of scenario, moving out of your PPOR and converting it to an IP.

    The end result depends on what you want to achieve. The issue of negative gearing is one of facts, costs are higher than income. Whether that is the desired outcome short term or an issue you need a strategy to be able to cover the shortfall is up to you. As part of that strategy is your longer term goals and if you are moving into another PPOR and how you are funding it. Also if you have a buy and hold strategy or plan to sell the IP in the short to medium term.

    If you want to put down some more information, perhaps you will be able to
    generate some discussion.