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New subdivision

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by crdm, 30th Apr, 2009.

  1. crdm

    crdm Member

    30th Oct, 2007
    Palm Beach QLD
    We just purchased a block which was recently subdivided by the previous owner. The real estate has in writing that the block has power, town water and sewage. However, the council has just informed us that we now owe $11K+ for infrastructure "contributions" plus an additional $3500 to bring water onto the block itself. Does anyone know if new subdivisions require access to town water & sewage at subdivision stage (ie - are we responsible for all of these costs)?

    I also believed that it was a requirement to provide access to a block once subdivided. We just paid the costs to cut down council property trees and install a driveway to gain access to our block. The costs are getting out of control now.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!