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Newbie - Advice needed!

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by Tebe., 29th May, 2012.

  1. Tebe.

    Tebe. New Member

    29th May, 2012
    NSW Coast
    Newbie - Needing advice :)


    Hi Everyone.

    I'm new to InvestEd and I’m so happy I found this amazing community online!

    I have worked in Insurance for about 4 years now and live in a regional area of NSW. I have wanted to get a foot in the door to eventually be a financial Planner and have recently gained employment with an amazing business.
    I have not yet started but we have discussed at length their plan for me.

    I have a Cert III in Financial services (insurance) and have no experience in the financial planning world but it is something i have always been interested in and keen to learn.

    The firm wants me to study, online to complete my Diploma of Financial planning.

    I’m 26. I haven’t studied in about 5 years and although i am excited about it, i am a little apprehensive also.
    Not only do I want to succeed for myself, i don’t want to let the Firm down as they created this position for me!

    Does anyone have any hits and or tips about the online study? or about some material i could read before i start the job? I have about 4 weeks and i thought it wouldn’t hurt to read some material before i start to give me a bit of an upper hand?

    ANY help would be appreciated!

    Cheers! Tebe.
  2. Lloyd Harris

    Lloyd Harris Member

    27th Feb, 2010
    Gold Coast, Qld
    Hi Tebe

    If you are new to the financial planning side of the industry, I would recommend that you try to form some relationships with other advisers within your licensee that could act as a mentor. Someone that doesn't mind answering your questions when you feel they may be too silly to ask the people that you are working with! Apart from this, you could try linkedin.
    Also, depending on who you study through, there may be other students that your training provider could put you in touch with.
    Working in a regional area can make things harder, but with internet forums like this, and even emails, it's easy enough to keep touch with people.
    I'm an adviser who is about your age, and if you have any questions pop me an email to [email protected] or find me on linked in. I'm on the Gold Coast. Good Luck.