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Newbie - Needing advice :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Tebe., 29th May, 2012.

  1. Tebe.

    Tebe. New Member

    29th May, 2012
    NSW Coast
    Hi Everyone.

    I'm new to InvestEd and I’m so happy I found this amazing community online!

    I have worked in Insurance for about 4 years now and live in a regional area of NSW. I have wanted to get a foot in the door to eventually be a financial Planner and have recently gained employment with an amazing business.
    I have not yet started but we have discussed at length their plan for me.

    I have a Cert III in Financial services (insurance) and have no experience in the financial planning world but it is something i have always been interested in and keen to learn.

    The firm wants me to study, online to complete my Diploma of Financial planning.

    I’m 26. I haven’t studied in about 5 years and although i am excited about it, i am a little apprehensive also.
    Not only do I want to succeed for myself, i don’t want to let the Firm down as they created this position for me!

    Does anyone have any hits and or tips about the online study? or about some material i could read before i start the job? I have about 4 weeks and i thought it wouldn’t hurt to read some material before i start to give me a bit of an upper hand?

    ANY help would be appreciated!

    Cheers! Tebe.