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Non-Bank lenders for home loan

Discussion in 'Finance & Banking' started by benneh, 24th Aug, 2007.

  1. benneh

    benneh Member

    2nd Oct, 2006
    hi all,

    I'm about to take out an approx $400,000 loan for my first PPOR, and after any guidance/advice on the corucopia of lenders out there.

    I don't really want anything flash, just something with a fully offset account, some or all ATM/EFTPOS freebies and the ability to make unlimited early repayments. From my research, such features doesn't exist in any fixed rate loan, so I think it'll have to be variable or split loan.

    I've spoken with a broker as well as directly with a bank, both came up with almost identical offers of 7.62%, with a fully offset account, unlimited atm use, LOC, unlimited early repayment, etc. Both are packages with little on no other fees other than $300 a year.

    Then there are non bank lenders, with rates as low as 7.2% to 7.4%. This could literally save me tens of thousands over the life of loan, even when factoring in any fees etc. Is there any unforseen downsides to these lesser known lenders?