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Trading Not stupid doesn't mean smartness!

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 18th Jan, 2011.

  1. wdongli

    wdongli Well-Known Member

    31st Mar, 2010
    It could let anyone angry if he was thought stupid by anyone. In the reality of the market we have too many genius who could not act smartly. They could follow something without checking what happen in the market even losing the shirts. Is it stupid if we are losing our money hard earned in the offices and workshops? In my last share trading forum, nearly everyone lost too much in IT bust or GFC. They are not stupid but in my view they are not smart at least as I did in IT boom and bust.

    Some just believe what they could see in the rear mirror of the history. They cry for the darkness since they could see it only. It is very basic primary instinct for all of alive animals, do you agree? The market needs smart thinking since we have to choose and judge for our decision. If we fail in the market it is because we lose our thinking and could not think smartly.

    The correction of the market have been in its course for 15 months. We nearly have got all of bad news we could get except the revolutions and wars in the world wide. I do feel the bad things have play their parts in Australia stock market for too long. Do you know what if market water rises up to you? Are you sure when the water would be up? Not very sure but I believe any season have the stage to get itself into a end.

    Today a lot of my dirty-cheap fishes tried very hard to move up. Are they act together to tell me a new storm would be over our head in the market or it is telling us a new boom has got enough energy to break through the barriers set by GFC? All of my dirty cheap fishes are in their lower part of their new historical bottom channels set in GFC. Is it normal of the new channels so low? It should not if the sky would come back to the normal. Is it logic after our houses burnt we could build new ones and make the life back to normal?

    Too many of market players don't believe life and market would come back to normal but I do believe it. What if everything comes back to normal? Think about it and get some smart conclusion, which could worth quite lot.

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    Cheer for the future water rising up under the Sun!
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