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Trading ORO, another my 10 bag?

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 9th Oct, 2012.

  1. wdongli

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    31st Mar, 2010
    There are black swans in the market, which could not be seen by eyes before they appear, which is the reason why sometimes we could get 10 bags. It is true they are rare but it seems that they show up times by times.

    I just got about 5 bags from SIR but missed the chance to get 40bags since I just sold it a few days earlier. ORO has tenement which is quite close to SIR's one. It has shown the materials there but need more drills to confirm.

    Today it continues its up. It has been my 5 bags if I would sell today. Could it be my another 10, 20, or 40 bags? I don't know but I would like to see the drilling results.

    Could ORO be another 10 bag? Let see what we have got:

    1. at 0.5c ORO has a market capitalisation of just over $11million with over $1mil cash in the bank.
    2. They own 32 highly prospective tenements spread over 3 states, 17 of which are 100% owned while for the others they have a free-carried 30% interest.
    3. In Western Australia, Oroya is exploring for nickel at Roe Hills located 85 kilometres east of the Kambalda nickel mining centre and 50km south of SIR's Nova discovery.
    4. In April 2012 the Company completed a significant drilling program totalling 1600m.
    4.1> The program was co-funded by West Australian Mines Department contributing $90,000 to the drilling.
    4.2> Geochemical mapping of the drillhole data, together with previous findings, indicate a 150m long, NE –trending NICu mineralisation zone open at both ends.
    4.3> An encouraging high grade intersection of 0.5m @ 6.15% nickel and 0.38% Cu is evidence for a primary nickel orebody in the Talc Lake area, encouraging a follow-up drilling program.
    4.4> Down hole EM anomalies indicate an untested conductive body to the northeast.
    5. The Company’s primary focus in Victoria is the Orbost Porphyry Copper Project located 20 kilometers north of the town of Orbost.
    5.1> Exploration is aimed at defining resources in a large porphyry copper system first discovered in the 1960's.
    5.2> Oroya conducted a powerful airborne electromagnetic (Helitem) survey that defined a very large anomaly extending for 3.5km over the original Sunday Creek discovery and defined several other strong anomalies.
    5.3> The Sunday Creek system has potential for hundreds of millions of tonnes of mineralisation.
    5.4> Other significant anomalies, such as Granite Creek, that are likely to be caused by porphyry mineralisation will also be tested in a proposed 2800m diamond drilling program later in calendar year 2012.
    6. Soaraway is the major shareholder of ORO, owning just under 20% of the company.
    6.2> They are the mining and minerals focussed subsidiary of the China-based Yucai company.
    6.3> Yucai's chief counsellor of mining operation is a senior Geologist of the East China Bureau of Geology.

    Now it needs the drilling results to confirm a lot of good geological definition. Could you wait for or have the gut to wait for? It is after you!

    We have to know without matter what the reasons are, you must be right at last, you must have your gut to be right, you have to commit what you believe right. Unfortunately we could not see future so that we need some capability to understand the probability. Based on the probability and affordable commitment, we should make the chances to kiss some lovely black swans. These black swans suddenly become so beautiful and everyone would like to pay the price you ask not set by the crowd fear.

    Some said ORO would be 10 bags and some said it was a crap. I would say it has both of chances to be 10 bags and crap even by far I thought it have better chances to be my another 10 bags.

    Be happy and do what we should be right with the guts and affordable commitment.
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