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Trading ORO: DMN, death squad, and vally of death

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 18th Jun, 2011.

  1. wdongli

    wdongli Well-Known Member

    31st Mar, 2010
    ORO has a tenement which looked so sure in the air and on the ground. It had stir the market around it for sometimes. I was stir too. The tenement looked now just like a death of valley on the way to what the people want. Who don't want to get the REE? I want, ORO wants, DMN wants, and the world wants.

    ORO and me know we could not afford to put all into the way. It is too risky for ORO and me since we have to be survival before we could revive. You could not say ORO would make money for you but it has great capability to survive. You know I am dirty-cheap fish player, who have to avoid unaffordable losses when he tries to get 10 baggers. You could say some of fishes would be 10 baggers but no one know which one would be falling knife or swans after you get them. So it is tough job for the fish players to get in at the worst time.

    To be revived without the risks dying, ORO needs a death squad. DMN has the characters to be the brave:

    1. "IT" is out of date in Australia market and economy

    2. DMN has tried all to catch up with the resource booming since 2006

    3. DMN's board would like to take the risks

    So DMN worked for its future by taking some interests of the tenement and ORO got free ride. If it would have the REE, ORO and DMN would make themselves. Unfortunately it was a bubble under the ground for REE. And the brave and cheerful DMN shareholders were hit terribly. As the members of death squad, they should expect it was one of the consequences. ORO shareholders seemed hit terribly too but no problem to worry the death at least now.

    I just wonder how somebodies could curse DMN board since they put too much into DMN for REE. What if DMN got the REE? Who decided or what decided the tenement is REE free? Do you feel insane when you read the followings:

    "How many in here have complained to ASIC? U don't have to mention your name here. Just give me a tumb up so we know! I personally have faxed my form today. All it takes is 30 min. Remember guys a lot of us has lost money in here. Alot have made money at our expense.

    We are NOT accusing any body in here, it is ASICs responsibility to investigate and punish those who are responsible.

    But it is our responsibility to let them know of these offenses. Remember they are not every where!

    So only tump up only if u have already reported.
    And if you haven't yet please do so."

    Do you know we gamble on the REE under the ground with the risk to lose heavily? Before confirmed by drilling, the REE is one type of intangible asset to ORO and DMN, which as any intangibles has the subjective and elusive value. No people really know what would come exactly from the drilling! ORO, DMN, Geologists, you, and me, no one could tell.

    Have you read the warning on any market presentation about exploration? All of the losers around DMN, who complained, have all of the qualities to be losers since they don't know some dirty-cheap fishes would die and before you approach to them you have to protect you good enough?

    You are playing the fire, you should know that, you fail to protect you, and then you should accept the consequences. You should call the Gamblers Rescue Center if you found you lost too much!

    A little bit regret without to see REE in ORO's hand but really happy it just drops down to the price I paid for my holding in this selling season. I am thinking about to sell my fishes for 3-5 baggers, which could be expected 4 of 10 if we could buy at the lowest price for the holding time of 3month - 2 year.

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