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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jacque, 17th Jan, 2006.

  1. Jacque

    Jacque Team InvestEd

    16th Jun, 2005
    For those of you who aren't already aware, my business partner and myself ventured into the world of self-employment last yr with the launch of our Buyers' Agency, House Search Australia.
    Along with millions of other businesses, our website is often the first port of call for clients looking to use our services.
    That's why it's vital that it conveys everything we wish it to. However, until our bank balance is a bit healthier :) we have opted to go for a pretty basic website. Naturally, as business progresses, we aim to include features such as calculators etc. However, for now, we consider it enough to at least let potential customers know about us and what we can offer.
    What I am after, from the esteemed members of this forum, is genuine constructive feedback about the site. If anyone has the time or inclination to have a look at it from a consumer's point of view, and give me some feedback, I'd really really appreciate it :)
    If you'd prefer to PM me with your comments, that's OK too :)
    Just trying to get as many opinions as I can to make this business the very best it can be.
    Much appreciated in advance
  2. Davidr

    Davidr Active Member

    3rd Sep, 2005
    Hi Jacque,

    First off, congrats and good luck in the new venture.

    Now, to the site.....

    Understanding your intentions, keep it simple and economical, I like what you have done. It is clean looking and easy to navigate, with all the main elements of the business included. I especially like that you have fees up front. (I hate sites for which I have to search for fees etc in the real fine print several levels down, if at all).

    [grammar nazi]

    Small typo on the services page ... consultants fees ... needs a possessive apostrophe.

    Similarly for FAQ 1 ... buyers agent ... but not for it's in "Our company prides itself on it’s passion...” (should be its)

    Fees Option 2: The following sentence should use a ; vice a , - "Should you wish to employ our services for more than one property, fees will be considered on an individual basis."

    Fees Option 3: No space after parenthesis ... of $1100 (inc GST) .

    Legal Links: the “information” is singular even though “links” is plural (use is vice are).

    "All information received by us is kept in the strictest confidence and is accessible only to the directors and employees of House Search Australia ." <- space before full stop.

    [/grammar nazi] :D

    Hope this helps,
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  3. Jenny

    Jenny Well-Known Member

    15th Aug, 2005
    Jacque - I thought the site was clear and concise, for me simplicity is good. A big plus - fees clearly explained.


    good luck in your venutre :)
  4. Jacque

    Jacque Team InvestEd

    16th Jun, 2005
    Thanks David and Jenny- David, I'm a bit of a grammar nazi myself so I feel somewhat embarrassed to have an outside party notice my errors :eek:
    I have edited the grammatical mishaps accordingly :)
    Keep it coming, peoples! I value realistic and constructive criticism and don't worry about hurting my feelings- I grew up with three brothers!!!
  5. Denis

    Denis Well-Known Member

    16th Aug, 2005

    I like what you have done.
    It is clear ,concise and bright.
    Gives people a good feeling about the service they will receive from you.

    Good Luck