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Para planning trainning??

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by new_xtreme, 22nd Nov, 2010.

  1. new_xtreme

    new_xtreme New Member

    23rd Aug, 2010
    Perth, WA
    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to ask from experienced financial planner or para planner if you can advised me where to get to learn para planning. I am very interested to learn one of the top financial planning software, which is XPLAN.

    According to the XPLAN's developer (IRESS ), they provide free training session through out the year but you must been working in one of AFSL company.

    The big issues now, that I am about to complete my Diploma in Financial Planning and very keen to enter Financial Service industry very soon. Looking to start as junior para planner, but all jobs advertised required minimum 12months experience in para planning and had experience with XPLAN too..

    Any idea where I can have proper Xplan training?

    All opinions from you guys will be appreciated.
  2. Chandhani2012

    Chandhani2012 Member

    14th Apr, 2012
    I am in similar position. I just completed my DFP and looking for job. but the problem is most of the employers are looking for either coin or xplan. did you take training? It would be great if you guide me @ [email protected]