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Trading PDY: FEL fails to pay for rewarded risk

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 24th Nov, 2010.

  1. wdongli

    wdongli Well-Known Member

    31st Mar, 2010
    Fe Limited launched a taking over attack on PDY at the correct time and place but wrong or gutless calculated-risk-price of PDY more than two months ago.

    1. PDY has IO exploration asset which has high potential but its price dropped down in the correction but still much higher than the lowest price made in March 2009.

    2. When Fel launched the attack, PDY price was about $0.015 and after the attack, its price dripped down to $0.013 and struggled at there for weeks. Fel did seem believe it could get PDY at $0.01 less than the market even the market price was never lower than $0.013 after the V-shape recovery.

    3. GFC has made us naturally to have biases the dirty-cheap fishes would die but never look back to see how strong of the survival capabilities of Aussie minnows. It is a resource economy. All of explorers have to start from minnows to balance the risks and reward. It is traditional fume that you see something would die but tomorrow it shoots up into the sky.

    4. Fel didn't interest to do any useful job for PDY's IO asset but just want to pay the price which is only possible PDY in the hell. Fel's biggest owner come from the financial world and a true Cigar Butt Player. He seems want to buy and sell PDY for profit only. He was overwhelmed by the GFC and thought the worst could be worse. He miscalculated price for his rewarded risk in PDY case.

    5. Wrong calculation of rewarded risk mean wrong price and automatically means opportunity cost. In the last one or two weeks, PDY price was increased more than $0.02.

    6. Fel taking over attack seems work to some fearful PDY shareholders who just were happy to get the money less than the market price. 1.5% of PDY shares were sold to FEL at $0.01 around when PDY price was more than $0.013.

    7. No wonder why some would sell less than they could get. Some put the money into the market and never bother to check what happen.

    Now Fel decided to stop its fair to itself only but failed game. I am happy to hold my 1.25million PDY shares which I got at $0.003, $0.008, and $0.0013 respectively.

    I never think GFC is normal and the price set by GFC is not normal which are something when the huge uncertainties and turbulence played their parts. They are the results of the huge fears. Human emotion has to be abnormal for very long time.

    We need to be patient if we paid the GFC price for our fishes and swans in the market. I want to see PDY to give me a 10 baggers or more.