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Trading PDY: got more at $0.015

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 20th Sep, 2011.

  1. wdongli

    wdongli Well-Known Member

    31st Mar, 2010
    It is really scared with the crazy running of market as a whole. The Greece could be in default which could block the financial system for a while.

    I do like its $10millioin cash and its drilling campaign in the way. So bought at $0.015 after the high-frequency traders or weak hands pour their shares into the market.


    It was amazing to see some sold 10,000 shares at price of $0.003 somewhere. What's for? I am happy I could help the warriors who suffered the deep depression or bipolar disorder!

    I have held it just since the great crash in GFC. I failed to sell it at $0.05 to collect a 10 baggers. However I should not be fearful as though all of IO would be in the hell.

    China is a nation and how about India? No war and just peaceful market crash could not stop the world move forward. Have you got your houses? In China and India there are still a lot of people work hard for their own houses.

    What if Middle West fail to get its port? Pdy has its own option! XAO just down another 40 points but bargain-type day traders have run into the door-step of the hell. They run too fast and then they definitely have no time to think about!

    Is it a gem around my corner? Not sure but some I have got in last few weeks would be! Is it another IMI? I don't think so!

    Is internet the curse to the market? It is a time when a wing flap anywhere around world could let the day-traders run a week or month for nothing! They eat too much and have to run quickly and then they could have the chances to let the unhealthy matters out! Actually at last everything in them would be out!

    They are in sickness and their mental damage is far more than the money. Don't believe that? See what happened in the GFC and IT bust. They run too quick after the damage done and then they just could not run back to ride any bouncing up, v-type or not!
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