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Population explosion and related social changes

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by dellis, 20th Jan, 2011.

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    20th Jan, 2011
    ottawa, ontario
    There are three aspects closely related to the concept of urbanization.* They are,
    1.****** *Behavioral
    2.****** *Structural
    3.****** *Demographic
    The above three processes always lead to a wide range of spatial implications.* The process immediately leads to the multiplication of the points of concentration, and to an increase in the size of individual points of concentration, both of which have far-reaching implications in terms of spatial interaction.*
    The increase in population is one of the most conspicuous aspects of urbanization.* This demographic interpretation of the process of urbanization is significant for demographers.* There is not only an increase in the degree of concentration but also a change in the occupational structure or sectoral pattern of the working population of the given area.*
    In developing countries, the process of urbanization is not only a product of rural to urban migration and economic growth, but also due to population explosion.* In Kerala, almost all the urban centers have witnessed phenomenal increase in population since the last two decades.* The city development authorities are now perplexed in dealing with the emerging situation.
    In Kerala Houses were not built in one go in the past.* According to the increasing needs of the large family, additional rooms were constructed.* This pattern has undergone major changes.* The advent of the nuclear family has led to phenomenal changes unseen in earlier times.* While a large joint family was content with life in a large house with several rooms, in the modern age, such large households are truncated and these nuclear families that have partitioned the property among themselves are now unable to produce nothing of value of the truncated property.* But even in such a situation, reverting to the old lifestyles seems difficult.