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Portfolio tracking software

Discussion in 'Investor Resources & Tools' started by dkmc, 29th Mar, 2007.

  1. dkmc

    dkmc Well-Known Member

    24th Aug, 2005
    Ive tried everything from

    entering shares into quicken

    stockmarket plus
    custom spreadsheets
    And havent found anything satisfactory

    Im so swamped in paperwork that I even looked to bookkeepers to keep records in check - but they were expensive

    None of these track all my managed funds including navra
    and LIC's / stock splits etc adedequately has an ok managed fund watchlist

    Last week I came across Financial shoebox
    I was so impressed that I subscribed

    they use praemium software which is very well regarded

    The process was fantastic
    I gave them a call, and a very helpful guy called Gavin took me through the process.
    I then emailed them my buy / sells which I scanned or ripped off etrade and they were able to reconstruct my whole portfolio over 5 yrears
    including automatically - all dividends, franking info, share splits etc
    This was all completed in 2days

    I am able to do reports on values of portfolios at any date,
    performance - between any date
    and this includes all managed funds, and asx listed stocks
    The great thing is any buys and sells can get forwarded to them and the portfolio updated
    The price was reasonable and on their website
    Im not affiliated with the company just happy to share good experiences

    Gavin seemed very genuine and really wanted to help. I guess being director of the company you want to see things succeed. You dont get
    serviced by an 20yo who doesnt know all the details or care about the business.

    I also looked at their competitors but was happy with shoebox

    In the end this takes care of my tax return
    I can produce last yrs report- which I havent done yet
    this yrs report
    YTD performance

    So to track everything now
    I use
    property managers end of yr statement
    moneybeans - keep track of receipts and property

    no more subscribing to quicken
  2. oob

    oob New Member

    4th Jun, 2007
    Sydney, NSW
    It seems that the recurring monthly fees for shoebox can add up.

    I felt more comfortable with a once off fee for My Portfolio Frontier that lets me record/import share transactions, managed funds, splits etc. to get my end of year tax reports. My records are also under my control.
  3. handyandy

    handyandy Well-Known Member

    6th Jun, 2006
    Sydney Nsw
    It would certainly add up.

    Based on the minimum fee $68 per month or $816 pa plus a $240 set up fee per portfolio. This is only 40 transactions per annum. In my SMSF portfolio I have 22 shares which generate 44 dividend transactions thus it would cost another $20 per month to cater for the extra transactions.

    I am achieving this type of recording through investsmart for nothing. You can record all buys and sells, it records dividends automatically and updates the value of your portfolio continually.

    The downside with invest smart is in the reporting it shows each partial share transaction rather than having an option to consolidate back to one line per share. But I don't think this minor set back is worth some $900.

    Another addvantage of using investsmart rather than this new offering is that I know investsmart is going to be around tomorrow. Having done the work to transfer all my share data I didn't want to do that job again in a hurry.