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Potential TPD claim/s

Discussion in 'Superannuation, SMSF & Personal Insurance' started by RuthJones, 29th Jun, 2014.

  1. RuthJones

    RuthJones New Member

    29th Jun, 2014
    Ok, long story, hopefully rather short.
    I am unable to sustain employment due to the swings and roundabouts of bipolar disorder most likely brought on by extreme recent stress
    I do have insurance policies for TPD (and death) with two superannuation policies that I currently hold.
    Can anyone offer advice on whether it is possible and likely to get tpd payments based on bipolar disorder?
    Both funds seem to have very different requirements as well that will impact on when I could apply.
    The TPD amount with one is about 360k and the other is less, only around the 220k mark. Obviously this isn't really enough to live on forever, but if paid out I would hope to purchase a home and invest the rest and use it to supplement the DSP which I would have to also apply for.
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  2. Blueeye

    Blueeye Active Member

    26th Aug, 2013
    It would depend on what the insurance companies classify as a TPD as to whether they'd pay out the policies.
  3. MrJohn

    MrJohn Member

    20th Aug, 2011
    Adelaide, SA
    Insurers can differ, and this is not personal advice, etc., etc., but GENERALLY speaking a TPD policy will require that you are unable and will be unlikely to ever be able to work again due to whatever the condition is. The policies I've seen/heard of/etc., require two doctors, a GP and another specialist in the field of the condition, to make a signed statement to this effect (that they believe you you will never work again). Not knowing anything about bipolar disorder, I wouldn't even attempt to apply that to your situation.

    Good luck though.
  4. Christianrenel

    Christianrenel Active Member

    13th Jan, 2015
    Talk to Adviser

    Hi Ruth Jones,

    From my experience dealing with Mental Health cliams with insurance companies can be differcult. You will need to read the Product Disclosure Statement on the insurance product, this will tell you where they stand with regards to payout total Permenent Dsiability cover.

    Speak with the Insurancer first, they will be able to steer you in the correct direction.

    I have been down this path before, this can be quiet lengthy without the right advice.

    Kind Regards


    [email protected],au