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Property Development as a small business

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by TMac, 4th Apr, 2012.

  1. TMac

    TMac New Member

    15th Dec, 2011
    Croydon, Vic

    It is a long running passion of mine of buying, renovating and selling property, so much so that I'm looking at creating a small business out of it.

    Obstacle number one is financing my first as a business while I am still paying off the family home. Aside from using the equity in my current home against a bank loan, does anyone have suggestions on funding a small business venture such as this?

    Also, what are the CGT implications when this is run as a small business and what are the steps, if any, of mitigating the impact of CGT?

    Finally, are there any benefits in creating a business as a trust fund?

    Any advice you've got will be greatly appreciated.