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Trading PRR: New Star in the stockmarket?

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 14th Sep, 2011.

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    31st Mar, 2010
    I loved PRR very much. I bought it first at $0.01, and then $0.05 and $0.13 and collected the profit when it reached to $0.026 around. It changed my market record in a day since I had about 800,000 of PRR then! It was a lovely day and all of pains seemed worth to hold it for more than 2 years.

    We all tend to predict what happen in future even we know we could anticipate only which means we have to be intelligent to image what probably happen in the future. Different price for a share has its own probability distribution between its lowest possible price and maximum possible price. One rule around us is the regression of means.

    The more the price swings away from its means the more probable the price would swing back oppositely and usually swing into the extreme end oppositely. That is why we have euphoria and depression! That is why we have the time both genius and bum could make money or lose shirts.

    It is simple rule but it has its own problem as all we know nothing is perfect around human kind. The problem is this rule some times doesn't work due to human's errors when they are fearful, greedy, miscalculated possible scenarios, or irresponsible to run the business so that we get the falling knifes time by time which is not happen usually(lower probability). We are too busy to understand it onto the earth. So we tend to ignore them since following the medias is the way for least efforts.

    I do find from my mistakes in the market that if I am synchronized by the market sentiment, I would forget this rule and let my feeling to control what price I should buy! We have to buy when we should buy, hold when we should hold, and sell when we should sell!

    The last few months were very painful since I knew what my mistakes were and I do feel I still could not get the necessary knowledge, logic, and senses into my bloods. So when I am impulsed with the bullish market, I just forget this rule!

    We should be alerted that there are a lot of so called systems are designed by the genius who just don't understand what the regression of means is. How many market players would like to know what the probability really is and what time and price could they have the best probability for profit?

    There are black swans. We may not know why they come to somewhere but we could know they should be there with quite high confidence they would be there highly likely! The requirement is we have to update our minds. We usually don't need to know Black swans for our life but in the market you have to know!

    I still could not forget it. After this time it dropped down back to $0.185, I decided to buy some of it again. It has lost its half market value since April. Based on Wave Theory, this 50% correction to a fundamental sound company is too much! The risk can be counted and it has high probability to move up dramatically!

    Of course since it was not dirty-cheap fish anymore and then it has less chances to be 10 baggers until it finishes its PhaseIII trial! Before you buy please get your mind clear to know how long you want to hold!


    It is not a dirty-cheap fish anymore but could be a promising star. It will be one of SP300 soon! It could be our proud flagship in medical research and commercialization of Australia!

    I do believe Aussie market players are hysterically fearful now. It is the time to get some PRR in hands with great discount!

    Today a article, "Cancer trial has its biggest test" is post on line:

    IN a "clean" room in the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, scientists are working on white blood cells from women with ovarian cancer.

    Dendritic cells are then cultured and effectively turbocharged so that they hold the key to recognising ovarian cancer cells when they metastisise - which they almost always do.

    Then, after the patient has undergone surgery and chemotherapy, these cells are re-injected into the patient every month, allowing their own immune system to recognise and attack any signs of returning ovarian cancer.

    It is an exciting and novel form of treatment - one which offers the possibility of greatly improving the length and quality of life of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

    The Australian technology is about to get its final and greatest test when biotechnology company Prima Biomed begins a crucial 800-patient international phase-three trial later this year. The trial should determine once and for all whether the treatment is effective in fighting a disease, which at the moment has only a 20 per cent survival rate for patients after five years.

    Chairman Lucy Turnbull said she is excited about the prospects of the treatment known as CVac, which she initially helped fund as a key shareholder in its troubled early days.

    "I could see the possibility that the door would be closed on some revolutionary local research and I couldn't sleep at night if that happened," she said.

    It turned out to be a good decision, as Prima's share price has since grown quickly, and it will soon join the ASX 300 and has $57 million in the bank to fund the trial.

    If the treatment works, as it has for some patients in earlier trials, it could also be used to treat a range of other cancers.

    Hope someday later PRR could be a lovely swan and fly with its bliss immune medicine around the world to cure the bloody cancers.

    Human as a whole is never hopeless!
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