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QSuper, TPD pension payout

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Annie4215, 23rd Jul, 2014.

  1. Annie4215

    Annie4215 New Member

    23rd Jul, 2014
    Southport, Qld
    Hi to everyone in financial land,

    I am being medically retired in a months time, after being employed for 9 years and 8 months. I was advised by QSuper that I could not claim my superannuation even if I was being permanently retired, it would have to roll over.

    I was sexually harassed for a period of time, which has now been proven and substantiated with a claim going thru QCAT. Unfortunately for me, this triggered a rare arthritis which has left me debilitated and completely shocked that I may never work again. I suppose after sleeping for 16 hours a day for months, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. I did submit a work cover notification at the time of making the complaint however I too have fallen in the "over 3 year" barrel as the govt agency dragged the discipline out for 3 years allowing the perpetrator early retirement prior to being disciplined.

    I have gone from working all my life to sitting at home, day in day out and scared of how quickly I get sick now that I am on chemo for the arthritis.

    I was informed this morning that their may be a tax law or something legal that states I can claim TPD due to being employed for over 9.5 years. Does anyone know about this? My super is not flash but if claimed now, I could have an opportunity to purchase a small place and at least not have to pay rent while on Centrelink pension.

    QSuper stated I am not eligible to claim my superannuation. By the time I get to retirement age, the new 70 (20 years time) it will be enough to buy a carton of beer a week (at todays rate).... no good for me, I can't drink. I truly believe my super is better in my pocket right now that in 20 years time when its worth nothing and no money will be put towards it as I won't be working.

    If someone could shed some light on what I have been told, I would really appreciate your help right now.


  2. Tallis

    Tallis Member

    8th Oct, 2013

    Chemo for arthritis, let's deal with that first.
    No medical facility in Australia applies chemo to arthritwi sufferers.
    Take your financial issues to the same place you should be taking your medical issues, a psychiatrist.
  3. Investor23

    Investor23 Member

    21st Oct, 2014
    Adelaide, SA
    Bit harsh Tallis....

    Firstly you can access your super at age 60... Slightly sooner which is a start. I would also assume if you are unable to work you will be able to claim the disability pension up until centrelink aged pension.

    Did you have any actual TPD insurance cover within your super fund? Or just trying to access funds you have in there due to TPD. In theory if you are truly TPD you should be able to access your super as it would meet a condition of release.