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R.Kiyosaki on real estate...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tropo, 20th Oct, 2005.

  1. Tropo

    Tropo Well-Known Member

    17th Aug, 2005
  2. kennethkohsg

    kennethkohsg Well-Known Member

    18th Aug, 2005
    Dear Tropo,

    1. I myself, do not personally think that Robert Kiyosaki is a is a long term property investor himself. I think Robert is more likely to be a property market speculator or at best a property trader, given his own risk-taking preference personalty.

    2. I like Robert Kiyosaki's RDPD books series for its fiery inspiration and for a balanced view on financial education/literacy purposes.

    3. As a property investor myself, I do not take his views on real estate seriously as they are generic in nature or/and relevant in the USA context which may or may not be fully relevant in the Australian Residential Property market context.

    4. However, at least, Robert Kiyosaki is telling his believers to go after gold now, instead of real estate in USA. I believe that he must have his reasons for saying so.

    5. To invest wisely ourselves, we need to clearly know what and why he is saying this and decide for ourselves if we can or cannot agree with his opinions and recommendations.

    6. for your kind update, please.

    7. Thank you.

    Kenneth KOH
  3. Sean

    Sean Member

    23rd Aug, 2005
    Interesting artical. Even Australia gets a mention -

    Although Kiyosaki's advice may have helped inflate the real estate bubble, he wants me to know that his influence has also had more positive effects. In Australia, the country with the greatest number of readers per capita of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," the government has decided to create a national program for teaching financial literacy to children. "I would like to take credit for that, " he says, "though I don't have any proof."