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Recommended Property Books/ Courses

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by samithpich, 26th Feb, 2011.

  1. samithpich

    samithpich New Member

    25th Feb, 2011
    Hi My name is Samith,

    First time on the site and it's a wonderful resource. I tried searching for what I wanted but didn't find it. I've just finished Day 1 of Dymphna Boholt (hope that's spelt right) Property/ Cashflow seminar in Perth.

    So far the info's been dense but enlightening, it made me realise how much i don't know. As someone completely new on the scene but with a thirst to get educated the right way that there must be other ways to get the same info without paying the inevitable $3 - $4 k seminar fee.

    So does anyone know of any excellent books or courses that help people get their foot into the door of real estate and create some great wealth/ cashflow from it?

    Thanking you kindly

    Samith :)