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Renovation Rewards

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by Jacque, 14th Sep, 2007.

  1. Jacque

    Jacque Team InvestEd

    16th Jun, 2005
    I was recently interviewed for my opinion on renovation tips in the latest property article in AFR's "Smart Investor" magazine (Sep issue) and was fortunate enough to have included my friend, Wendy, who's a renovator extrordinaire and woman of amazing energy. Her case study is included but I just had to laugh when I saw the title of her photo and story. It was entitled "Wendy's Way" and I can imagine her partner giving her curry as he's always ribbing her for having things have to happen "Wendy's Way or else!".

    Wendy has done renos across 4 states now and is still going- her latest project a subdivision in WA. Quite the inspirational renovator- read all about her in this issue for those interested.