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Discussion in 'Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)' started by Johny_come_lately, 4th Aug, 2016.

  1. Johny_come_lately

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    1st Jul, 2009
    SE Queensland
    Sorry about the late reply. My PM would not load.

    You have created a assertive portfolio (20%VGB + 5%VIF ) You will have higher highs and lower lows than a 50/50 balanced port.

    At some point in time there will be a drop, possibly large, in the market. You didn't tell me if you have a lump sum to invest or whether you are making regular payments.

    A lump sum. Split into small parcels and buy over a large time frame or wait for the market to subside.

    Regular payment. Just make monthly contribution regulary.

    Rebalance every 6 months or when percentages go out of wack by 5%

    The property market is slowing down so I think the VAP will start to decelerate from its rapid growth.

    The benefits of using VAS are getting franked dividends.

    The VTS needs a foreign tax exemption form filled out.

    Otherwise it looks good.

    Johny. :)