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Request advise,feedback,tips from all in Financial Planning Industry.

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by andy88, 27th Dec, 2011.

  1. andy88

    andy88 New Member

    22nd Dec, 2011
    Dubai, UAE
    Request for tips,advise,feedback from Financial Planners and others in the industry regarding job hunting for Financial Planner's role.

    I am a Financial Planner since last 8 years in Dubai (UAE) and will be moving to sydney in Feb'12 (have my permanent residency for Australia). I have completed DFS(FP) and currently pursuing ADFS(FP), hope to complete 2 modules Adv taxation and Estate Planning before coming there in Feb'12.

    My 8 years of experience in financial planning has been with Banks here in Dubai - 7 years with Citibank Wealth Management and last 1 year with an Indian Private Bank.

    Everyone here can you please give me tips, feedback, advise regarding job hunting in Sydney. Do Banks like Westpac -BT Financial, CBA, NAB-MLC, ANZ and others like Suncorp look at recruiting someone who does not have local market experence?

    Apart from Banks which other Financial institutions can I look at approaching?

    How is the current scenerio with respect to recruitment of financial planners?

    Is it very diffcult to get a Financial Planners job? Though I hv tremendous amt of exp in Financial Planning - customer relationship, dealing with HNI clients , new client acquisations, managing existing clients but my fear is not having experence in Australia.

    Any advise will be most welcome as i need it badly since i have never been to Australia and anything else that you feel would be important for me to know.

  2. canberraplanner

    canberraplanner Member

    10th Mar, 2012
    I feel very bad for saying this, but firstly I suggest you will need to improve your literacy skills. Abbreviations, shortened words and incorrect capitalisation may not accurately convey your otherwise considerable knowledge and skill. People do judge by appearances, and how we write is as important as how we dress. Financial planning is a competitive market and to succeed I would imagine that one appear very sharp and literate.

    My humble opinion anyhow.

    Secondly, Australian legislation and regulations are very particular to this market. You will need to demonstrate a solid understanding of the Austrlaian regulatory environment, especially under current circumnstances.

    This being said I believe the Australian financial market is poised for tremendous growth and those with sincerity in their hearts and a sharp mind should do very well.

    As for immigration, unfortunately I do not believe financial planning is listed on the priority skill migration list?

    Good luck anyhow. Australia thrives off immigrants as they tend to bring a certain ambition that not all native born Australian's possess :)