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sewer acess rights

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by timmss, 13th Mar, 2012.

  1. timmss

    timmss New Member

    13th Mar, 2012
    Hello, I recently purchased and demolished a home with the intent to build 3 town houses in Warrnambool Vic. While there is a sewer line running along my street, due to the fall of the land I have been advised by the local authority, Wannan Water that I will need to gain permision from my rear fence neighbours to access the sewer line which runs along the street behind me.
    Unfortunately my neighbours are not at all cooperative in this regard.
    Coincidentaly, we discovered through the demo that the same neighbour's water line runs through my property.
    I am unsure as to my rights if any to access the sewer line but i hope the the authority has the power to require access. So far they appear unwilling to assist.
    Is anyone aware of similar circumstances and how this can be remedied?

    Kind Regards, Steve.